The boyz night in

Today is the first night that I will spend with Zeek by myself as Danielle is in Sydney for a birthday of a good friend of ours. In light of my post about how fatherhood is hard, I wanted to reflect a little bit before the night passes.

I have to admit, I am afraid that I won’t be able to deal with Zeek in the middle of the night when he wakes up and always gets the cuddles from mom. I was terrified about just being with him and not being good enough however so far it’s been great! We played together for a couple of hours, I fed him, bathed him, cuddled him to sleep. Everything went without a single problem, he is not in any particularly stressed up mood nor he seems to mind that Danielle is not around (which is a bit worrying for her, I guess ;-) ).

This is telling me, at least at the beginning of the night, that I worry too much and I should just do what I do, i.e. give Zeek all my love and everything will be fine. And maybe, after all, fatherhood is not hard if you have love to give…

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